Every now and then something special comes along – and this is one of those. This clothing is simply amazing, both in body feel and how it helps control your temperature. Unlike all other clothing, the X Bionic garments are knitted (often in one piece), rather than cut from a roll and then sewn together.



No more back pain, and enjoying my cycling over the summer

The fit was great thanks. The insoles have made a difference.

Very pleased with the service from Cycle-ops. I initially travelled there for a CycleFit. I found the service to be good overall. Without their advice I am sure I would have made pretty big error in bike choice. My P1 Madone (I bought as a result of the fit) is really one of the smoothest / best bikes out there.

I should have had my bike fitted a long time ago! It has made me so much more comfortable on my bike. The CycleFit technician was vey good at explaining what he was doing – the fit took longer than 1 expected, which was good as all the details were covered and all my questions answered. Good value for money, really good service. 1 would recommend to anyone!

Been coming to Cycle-ops for some years, and have always found you very helpful and competent

I think it may have been the best £100 I’ve spent in a long time! It was a real oversight n to get my set-up properly sorted out before now. While it would be an exaggeration to say that the adjustments have completely transformed my riding, it has certainly made a significant difference already. There is no doubt that I am in a better position to deliver more power (what little I have) more efficiently to the road, to the extent that I took on Kidds Hill in the Ashdown

“Regarding recent service work on my Madone…on this mornings hill session the bike was perfect, indeed like a new machine. Please pass on my thanks to the mechanic – great service.”

Always helpful and professional

The bike is really good, as I already said to Paul, the brakes are fantastic. I’ve really seen a big improvement in my climbing! Front end is maybe a little harsh but as most the roads we ride aren’t that bad and 100km is about as far as I ride this doesn’t cause me any problems. In terms of the process/experience, I trusted Paul to get on with it in the hope he would get it right. Judging by Strava and the fact I’m happy just to stare at the bike looks like he did.

Im very satisfied with the CycleFit service and would definitely recommend to any Cyclist.

Just wanted to say it’s the first time I used you, having recently moved to the area. I was impressed. Thank you

Paul was very professional and knowledgeable, and made the whole process a joy to go through. I got 150 miles in the legs this weekend and felt like 1 was climbing particularly well after the changes.

“I shoud have had my bike fitted a long time ago. It has made me so much more comfortable on my bike. The technician was very good at explaining what they were doing and the fitting was much longer and detailed than expected. All the details were covered and it was good value for money. Really good service, i would recommend to all.”
Very helpful, and consistently high quality work
Service / repairs / mechanics can’t be faulted. Good job done very time

Just wanted to say thank you again for the support you gave me for the Lands End to John 0 Groats ride – your advice was spot on. I’m so glad your advice on the comfort side – both in choosing a comfortable bike (Trek 4.5), and through the bike fit you did for me. You guys are all obviously good at what you do … and it made a big difference.

I have been waxing lyrically about your shop and how helpful you were to all my friends, you never know I may even buy a properly fitted bike from you sometime soon.

I was particularly impressed with their bike fit service, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to cycle on a regular basis.

“The staff are helpful and courteous. Before i took the bike they insisted i ride it, so that they could make adjustments and answer any queries i might have. They patiently went through the Brompton folding / unfolding process with me. I would definitely recommend them.”
Well what can I say, simply stunning. Not sure whose legs I now have but they can’t be mine. More power feels about one gear worth also no back pain. Feels like a new bike a much better one.

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