Workshop – rates , Repairs & Servicing.

turn around times from sameday onwards phone for availability

Drop your bike in for a Free (No Obligation) Estimate.

basic service from £20

Basic Service includes – Check wheels secure in frame , Check and inflate tyres , Lubricate external moving parts , Adjust gears
and brakes using existing components , Report any obvious defects to customer.

Mid service from £60

Mid Service  includes – All items in Level 1, plus – Check cycle visually for damage and general road worthiness , Inspect and
adjust wheel and headset bearings , Check spoke tension and true wheels to industry standard ,  Inspect and renew / re-lube cables as
needed. Fit brake pads as needed. *parts not included

full service from £120

Full Service includes fully strip bike to component parts , clean and inspect parts , then rebuild using any new parts as
required. Does not include disassembly of disc brake components, suspension forks or bushings. *parts not included

as well as individual tasks-

Individual Pricing Prices (from)
Fit tyre / tube £10.00
Hub gear / coaster / drum brake tyre / tube £25.00
Tubeless Setup £30.00
Chain case bike fit tyre/tube (For Dutch bikes/Cargo Bikes) £40.00
Rim brakes (i.e. front or back) 
Adjustment (no new parts) £10.00 
Adjustment (with new parts installed) £15.00 
Disc brakes (i.e. front or back)
Cable setup £30.00
Hydraulic setup (excluding hose trimming) £20.00
Brake bleed £25.00
Wheels (per item)
Wheel true £20.00
Hub service £20.00
Wheel Build                                                                                                      £65.00
Adjustment (no new parts) £10.00
Adjustment (new parts installation) £15.00
Internally routed cable replacement £30.00
Fit chain & cassette £30.00
Fit crankset & bottom bracket £30.00
Re-fit chain £10.00

Parts fitting

Fit saddle/seat post £10.00
Fit rack £15.00
Fit bar tape £15.00
Fit mudguards £20.00
Fit computer £10.00

*parts not included



Basic Hose Rinse                                                                      £10.00

Wash                                                                                          £20.00

Clean & Degrease                                                                    £40.00

Full Valet                                                                                   £100.00

Drop your bike in for a Free (No Obligation) Estimate.

Please phone or email to book Shimano inspection and replacement program of selected bonded 11-speed HOLLOWTECH II road cranksets produced between June 1, 2012, up to and including June 30, 2019, for a possible bonding separation issue. We are currently running while you wait sameday inspections for the Shimano recall.

To Talk to the Workshop  call 01732 500534 or Email us Here

Our full-time mechanics are Cytech qualified, Brompton accredited, and have a wealth of know-how and experience of cycle repair and service accumulated over many years.

Our modern, open-to-view workshop has three work stations, a specialist wheel building stand, and is fully equipped with all the tools needed to enable us to work on virtually any Bike, Frame, Sub-assembly, or Electronic shifter system.

Shimano service bike shop kent tonbridge

To give you an accurate estimate or fixed quote we need to see your bike first – there is no cost or obligation for us to make an initial inspection. At this inspection,  in order to best advise you we will not only look at the bike, but also we will talk to you about the history of the bike, level of current use, and your intended use. Usually we manage to identify all work required at this point – but if the bike is booked for inspection / assessment for an Estimate or Quote we reserve the right to charge for this work if you do not then proceed with the repair or service work so identified..

Most jobs can be accommodated within our service schedules, but some may have to be charged at our Hourly rate or part thereof – if so charges will be per quarter-hour block.

Shimano service bike shop kent tonbridge

There are no hidden extras such as, “admin” or “VAT” – just what you see!