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All our Bike Fits Include –

A personal assessment, of cycling goals, history, and any injuries or asymmetries you may have.

A series of flexibility tests, in which we ascertain your present, and potential flexibility.

Shoe and Cleat set up, which may require the installation of wedges, shims and / or insoles.

Time on your Bike, or the Sizecycle ,to assess your optimum fit position.

The option to amend your bike in our Workshop, on the day (subject to parts available)

SizeCycle (Single bike) CycleFit – £195

Our Premier Fit, your Consultant will use all the tools we have that are needed. They will use the SizeCycle, to look at your pedalling dynamics in-depth. Crank length can also be adjusted to the optimum, and your power curve and left / right leg output measured – enabling your Fitter to give advice on posture and other matters not possible on more basic fit systems.

Suitable for all cyclists – Road, Mountain, Hybrid etc… Allow up to 2 and 1/2 hours.

SizeCycle (Two-Bike) CycleFit – £299

Encompasses all we do on a SizeCycle Fit, but adds another position.

Ideal for an additional Time Trial fitting , Triathlon fiting, Gravel fitting or Mountain bike fitting.

On-The-Bike (Single Bike) Fitting – £149

A slimmed down version of our Sizecycle fitting, undertaken on a Turbo Trainer. You still get the full attention of our highly trained Fitter, but we don’t use as much technology.

A very good way to get the best out of your current bike, or for those who don’t use cleats.

Shoe & Cleat Set-Up – £75

If you are happy with your bike fit, but want to select some new shoes or pedals and ensure they are adjusted correctly for comfort, performance and injury prevention.  Allow up to 1/2 hour.

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