Ryde Trace 25 27.5″ XC/Trail Rims


Trace Trail 25 27.5″

This is the leading top-class aluminium rim.

Meant as a trail rim for touring and racing with a weight well below most other 25mm rims, the Trace Trail has the strength and stiffness necessary for a highly reliable wheelset.

The 25mm internal bead width means that tyres of around 57mm will fit perfectly and offer optimized traction.

The spoke pattern is asymmetrical and holes are also drilled in two directions. This offers equal spoke tension on both left and right whilst allowing direct alignment of the spoke nipples, giving a stronger and longer lasting wheel.

27.5″ x W 24.8mm x H 17.5mm

* Size: 584×25
* Tyres: 50-60mm
* Spoke holes: 32
* Max spoke tension: 120kg
* Max rider Weight: 100kg
* Weight: 420g

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