Set of 4 SINC ceramic bearings for 180 hubs


Ceramic bearing kit for DT Swiss 180 hubs
Custom made for DT Swiss the SINC system offers the very pinnacle of bearing quality and precision
Just because a bearing says ‘ceramic’ doesn’t mean it is a quality product, it all comes down to the grade of material used and the tolerances of the bearing’s construction
The balls in SINC bearings are made in Japan from Si3N4 Silicon nitride; the toughest and smoothest bearing material available and certified to be as perfectly round as modern production techniques allow
Combined with DT’s custom designed carriers and seals this produces a bearing with class leading low rolling resistance and durability
Kit contains main bearings for both front and rear hubs, 4 in total
Comes in a presentation tin with USB stick containing detailed installation instructions
To ensure maximum performance and durability we strongly recommend that SINC bearings are installed by trained mechanics using the DT Swiss hub servicing tool kitt

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