Wahoo KICKR CORE Smart Trainer

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The Wahoo KICKR CORE Smart Turbo Trainer is the essential indoor trainer. With the quality you can expect from Wahoo, the proven flywheel technology and advanced algorithms, the KICKR CORE delivers an accurate and quiet indoor training experience. When paired with the KICKR CLIMB, the grade simulator can help the KICKR CORE simulate up to 16% gradients and KICKR HEADWIND, can help cool you down when your’re training hard. The KICKR CORE was built to the quality that cyclists around the world have come to expect from Wahoo. Made to withstand your most intense training sessions, watt for watt — season after season.

Wahoo SYSTM takes a comprehensive, science-based approach to training, with a diverse workout library that includes immersive cycling, running and swimming sessions, yoga, bodyweight-based strength training and mental training.

Simply register on the Wahoo fitness app and activate your FREE 60 day trial after you’ve made your purchase.

Key Features

    • The legendary flywheel technology and tested algorithms emulate the power and experience of riding outdoors, especially when using virtual training platforms like The Sufferfest or Zwift.
    • Engineered for precision, the 12 pound heavyweight flywheel in the KICKR CORE provides precise inertia needed to recreate an outdoor ride feel while training indoors.
    • KICKR CORE automatically responds and adjusts resistance via your favorite app or software to simulate grade changes of up to a 16% incline.
    • Built from a robust steel construction, KICKR CORE stands up to years of heavy use from all types of cyclists.
    • Continued improvements make KICKR CORE almost silent, the only noise you’ll hear will be the sound of your chain when you shift gears as you power through your workout.
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth® capabilities allow the KICKR CORE to connect to smartphones, GPS devices, and FE-C enabled devices or applications.

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