Specialites TA Ovalution 130pcd 5 Arm Chainrings


Elliptical chainrings are better suited to the biomechanical requirements of pedalling, delivering more force to the crank for less effort, helping to increase pedalling efficiency, while reducing muscle fatigue. This design also provides a more constant torque to the rear wheel, giving smoother acceleration and reduced wheel slippage.

Innovative multi-indexing thanks to a brand new fixing concept with threaded chainring holes.

* Material: Aluminium
* Colours: Matt Black
* Position: Inner, Outer
* Speed: 10x, 11x,
* Pcd: 130
* Arm: 5

TA have also produced a front mech adaptor to allow increased clearance and corrected chain-line for use with braze-on front mechs and oval rings.

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