Sapim Leader Black J Bend Uncut

Sapim custom spokes start as uncut unthreaded blanks that can be used to make the spoke sizes that are offered. If you are after a single spoke or an unusual length then please order the relevant spokes and message us letting us know what sizes you require, we will then cut and thread up to a **maximum of 100** spokes for you.

All custom cut spokes that are ordered are ‘non-refundable’.

The Sapim Leader is the recommended spoke choice for day-to-day usage, it is a non butted design that can be cut to any length between 80mm-310mm.

* Black,
* Plain/Non butted
* 14 Gauge
* 2.0mm
* Weight: 428g (64x260mm)
* Fatigue Tests: 870,000 Revolutions
* Strength Tests: 1080+ N/mm2

**Due to time constraints we are only able to cut and thread up to 100 spokes per customer.**

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