JetBlack M5 Mag Pro SQR Trainer + App


The M5 Pro is a high quality, magnetic resistance bicycle trainer. Magnetic resistance allows fine tuning of your training schedule though the combination of fine levels of resistance adjustment and correct gear selection. Where a fluid trainer increases resistance according to the speed of the flywheel, a magnetic trainer can be overridden, making it suitable for recovery sessions, climbing and specifically tailored workouts. When used with the full range of JetBlack sensors, you can enjoy training sessions identical to those used by professional cycling teams.

The M5 Pro features a handlebar mounted remote lever for resistance adjustment, and comes equipped with a hydrogel roller, which reduces noise by 55% and tyre wear by 25-30%, giving you the ultimate quiet and smooth ride.


* Magnetic resistance system with HydroGel roller
* Free app for IOS or Android
* Pre-assembled, ready to ride
* Handlebar lever unit to adjust 5 levels of resistance
* SQR quick release system allows easy mounting and remembers your bike position once set
* Wide base & anti-slip feet
* Suits road & MTB wheels between 700c, 29′, 27.5′, 26′ and many 24′ wheels
* Folds into a compact shape for easy storage
* Lowest profile of any trainer. Up to 40% more slimline than competitor trainers

**All JetBlack trainers come with a Life Time Warranty**

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> **JetBlack Mag Pro**

> An excellent basic turbo trainer. simple to set up, not too loud and has a good roll down feel. Riding on it seems fairly natural and you can certainly sprint without it feeling too jerky. It’s certainly good for the money and one we’d recommend. **Cycling Plus 4/5**

> **JetBlack Mag Pro Hydro-Gel**

> This is one up has a HydroGel roller and a handlebar-mounted control that provides five levels of resistance, from five to 350 watts, which is plenty for endurance work. Very stable once you’re up and riding. The variable resistance ensures a good workout. A solid trainer with variable resistance and a good price. **220 Triathlon 80%**

> **JetBlack Mag Pro Hydro-Gel**

> Pretty much ready to use right from the box. Once rolling it felt fine and minimal roll-down suggests that there is reasonable resistance. Best on a Budget. **Cycling Active 7/10**

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