Campagnolo Zonda C17 Rim Brake Front Wheel



The features of the Zonda™ wheel have been enhanced even further with a C17 rim that is compatible with more comfortable clincher tyres. It’s also 10g lighter than the previous version.

Zonda is one of Campagnolo’s best-selling aluminium wheels. It’s packed with technological innovations that make it a highly sophisticated solution compared to what other brands offer for the same price.

A smaller hub diameter combined with the differentiated rim height (24/27mm) and the new self-locking nipples offer a front wheel that’s smooth to steer and bump-resistant: racing on this model is a safe bet.


  • One of the best-selling wheels of all time, the Zonda is an aluminium tyre boasting technologies that are far more sophisticated than any other product of its kind, within this price range, on the market.

All Campagnolo’s technology has gone into these wheels

  • Weight and stiffness are optimised thanks to the milled rim with differentiated height
  • Aerodynamic spokes and self-locking nipples guarantee performance and reliability

Suited to all conditions

  • The lightweight structure and hi-tech features of these wheels make them ideal for racing or grand fondo cycling.
  • The robustness and reliability that set the Zonda apart make it one of the best wheels for road cycling.

Spoke count:16 variable-section stainless-steel radial aero spokes (front) and 21 variable-section stainless-steel aero spokes (rear) with a 2:1 spoke ratio on the drive side
Steel spokes with aerodynamic profile
Anty-Rotation System
Self-locking nipples

Wheel for clincher tyre: 1540 g

Campagnolo FH Body 9/10/11
FH Body HG 9/10/11

Aluminium hub with black finish
Steel bearings
Hub edge: 100mm (front), 130mm (rear)
Oversize flange
Cup-and-cone bearing system

Profile height: 24-27/27-30 mm
Rim width: 22 mm
Rim material:: Alluminium
Graphic colours: Bright Label

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