Campagnolo Bora Ultra Time Trial Rear Wheel



The Bora™ Ultra™ TT has always accompanied the greatest chrono men in cycling in their attempts to win international time trial medals.

In 2017, the Campagnolo road lenticular wheel sees further innovation, improving its main characteristics of weight and stiffness. The new Bora™ Ultra™ TT in fact weighs a good 111 g less than the previous model and is 8% stiffer than the stiffest competitor’s wheel. But that’s not all. The Campy Tech Lab™ has focused on creating a product that meets the needs of time trial bike braking systems!

The 2018 range sees the addition of the new AC3™ (All Conditions Carbon Control) Technology braking track, which brings braking safety on wet terrain closer to that on dry.

The stiffest

  • Totally developed from scratch, it is 8% stiffer than the previous model
  • It does away with any flection effects, especially close to the bottom bracket
  • The new carbon composition of the disc means even better performance and 111g less weight

Aerodynamic and eye catching

  • Its innovative design aims to reduce profile dimensions to a minimum
  • It guarantees considerably improved aerodynamics for the bike as a whole
  • The Winged Wheel logo gives the Bora Ultra TT a decidedly distinctive racing feel

Designed to gain every second

  • CULT bearings make the wheel up to nine times smoother than wheels fitted with a standard solution
  • The quality of the bearings used reduces maintenance to a minimum, guaranteeing their performance over time

Bright Label: tubular

Campagnolo FH Body 9/10/11
FH Body HG 9/10/11

Aluminium hub
CULT bearings
Hub edge: 130mm
Cup-and-cone bearing system

Profile heigh: 80 mmt
Rim width: 20 mm
Rim material: Carbon
Rim section (height/width): D/20
Graphic colours: Bright Label

Read more£3,049.99

Available to order - please call

Read more£3,049.99

Available to order - please call