Science In Sport REGO Rapid Recovery 50g


**High GI carbohydrate and protein formula to aid rapid recovery after exercise:**

* Optimal protein serving size of 20g with 2g of leucine to promote the rebuilding of muscle tissue
* Helps replenish your energy stores fast
* Ideal for lactose intolerant individuals
* The original complete recovery product

**About SiS REGO Rapid Recovery**

SiS REGO Rapid Recovery contains a blend of easily digestible carbohydrates, protein, and electrolytes with vitamins & minerals to provide a complete recovery product to be consumed immediately after exercise. Rapid replenishment of your glycogen stores and the provision of protein helps you to get the most from your training and prepare you for your next session.

**Benefits of SiS REGO Rapid Recovery?**

Carbohydrate is your bodies main fuel for moderate to high intensity exercise. Even if you fuel well during training you can still only absorb around 60g of carbohydrate per hour, meaning that demand will outstrip the supply of energy. This shortfall is met by using your glycogen stores, but these must be replenished after training if you are to perform well in your next session.

Providing rapidly digestible protein also provides amino acids to support muscle protein synthesis for growth and rebuild. Soy has a complete amino acid profile to which we have added additional leucine to make the formulation even more effective. Leucine is an amino acid which is known to switch on the signalling for muscle protein synthesis, amplifying the affect. This updated formulation of SiS REGO Rapid Recovery delivers an optimal protein serving size of 20g, including 2g of leucine.

**Recommended Usage**

Consume 1 x 50g serving of SiS REGO Rapid Recovery within 30 minutes of completing your training session. This product is designed to be mixed with 500ml of water, mixing it with milk will slow down the absorption rate.

Nutritional information and ingredients will vary from product to product

**Nutritional Information:**

Typical values per 50g serving

* Energy: 782kj/184kcal
* Protein: 20g
* Carbohydrate: 23g
* of which sugars: 5.1g
* Fat: 1.3g
* of which saturates : 0.2g
* Fibre: 0.3g
* Salt: 1.0g

**Vitamins and Minerals: % RDA**

* Vitamin D: 1.0ug 20%
* Vitamin E: 2.8mg 23%
* Vitamin C: 24mg 30%
* Thiamin: 0.5mg 45%
* Riboflavin: 0.6mg 42%
* Niacin: 7.3mg 45%
* Vitamin B6: 0.8mg 57%
* Folic Acid: 50ug 25%
* Vitamin B12: 0.4ug 16%
* Biotin: 18ug 36%
* Pantothenic acid: 1.5mg 25%
* Iron: 2.4mg 17%
* Magnesium: 57mg 15%
* Zinc: 2.0mg 20%
* Iodine: 23ug 15%
* Potassium: 300mg 15%

**Contains a source of Phenylalanine and Soy.
Suitable for Vegetarians.**

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