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Custom Bikes

Custom Bikes – If cycling is important to you, then at some point you might well consider that your next bike should be Custom ?

The vast majority of bikes and frames sold are made to  manufacturers “stock” sizes, and these can be as few as three or four.

Additionally, when a manufacturer designs a range of bikes they have no idea who the end-user will be!

So they use stock geometries that suit Mr or Mrs Average – and  they also have to design a frame for someone who might weigh 150 kgs, but still feel good to someone who is 50 kgs. Common sense tells us this is unlikely to achieve the best results for you – and you are not Average!.The result is unlikely to suit your unique bio-mechanics

At Cycle-ops we therefore believe strongly in Custom Bikes and Frames, with carefully selected components to suit  as the way to the perfect bike, giving you the best fit, the best handling and ride quality.

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what are your options?

1/ A Full-Custom Made Frame

The design of your Custom Frame starts with the parameters and information arrived at from a Cycle-ops Bike Fit  done in our fit studio. This will inform not only the shape of the frame, but also the material used, and the relative material weight required in the build. Stiffness, lightness, durability and aesthetics – steel, titanium, titanium/carbon mix or full carbon are all options your Fit Consultant will discuss with you, to help you choose the Right Frame.

Once the two of us have reached a decision on these details, a draft of your custom frame and a CAD drawing are created for us by the frame builder to” first draft”. This is then discussed between us again, and referenced back to the frame builder to fine-tune and hone the final design as necessary, prior to proceeding with the build.  This drafting process not only ensures that there is no compromise in terms of final position but also that your weight-distribution will guarantee perfect riding dynamics.


The Next Step – a Custom Build

After you have selected the frame, you will of course want to get it built into a bike. There are two options :–

1/ Swapping the parts from your existing bike onto your new frame (servicing and upgrading some components at the same time as needed)

2/  Specifying a whole new bike built around your new frame. If this is your route we will work with you to achieve a spec that suits your needs – and looks great!

We can supply pretty much any groupset, wheels and finishing kit / components, to help achieve the perfect bike for you  – but rest assured that we wont be trying to sell you things you don’t need or want – we are seeking a balanced result, which is best for you and matches your budget.

To find out more about our Custom Frame and Build options, call us on 01732 500533 or email us to arrange a visit In-Store, and let us help you join the growing number of people who are benefiting from superb handling, individually designed and hand made Custom frames.

2/ Trek “Project One” and Trek “frame only” builds

Custom build options are also available from Trek – and as they make a wide range of closely stepped frame sizes (from 50cm to 64cm) good fit results can often be achieved using the Project One route, or by building up on one of their frames.

As well as being able to choose the frame platform (Domane, Emonda, Madone, Silque, Speed Concept, Fuel EX or Superfly), you can also spec the components to suit – so we can select the correct bar and stem set up, crank length, saddle and wheel and tyre choice for you. There are also a wide range of colour choices on the default or special paint options, as well as the chance to colour co-ordinate the tyres, bar tape, and outer cable housing.

Trek make great frames,  using propriety Carbon composites or exquisitely formed and drawn aluminum frames, years of experience, technologies developed and bought in over the years (Such as Klein) and lots of real-life testing within development. Their Carbon Frames come with a “Lifetime Warranty” – whilst all 6 and 7 series are still made in-house in the USA.

PS. They also make a great value Cro-moly Steel Touring bike, the 510 – one of their best kept secrets!

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