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Bike Fitting

We believe your correct Bike Fitting position is as important as the kit you buy to ride!

And that your Fit results and riding style should inform your bike choice and set-up.

We have fitted lots of people. From a family of four doing the End to End, competing Cat 2 Racers and Triathletes, several one-legged people, and many a person with a back or knee complaint

At Cycle–ops we have been fitting people for many years our Lead fitter has been trained by CycleFit of London. We are also a Trek Accredited Fit Centre.

If you are uncomfortable on your bike you will cycle less, likely aggravate any existing injuries / conditions, and possibly cause injury. All these things mean time off your bike to recover and will probably recur when you start cycling again.



What is Bike-fitting – and what do we do?

Bike fitting is a process where a person is assessed for their Bio-mechanics (Body shape, flexibility and fitness), and a bike is then altered, or chosen and customized to fit.

There is far more to it than this of course – and the skills of the Fitter and the tools at their disposal are crucial to a correct assessment.

To ensure our Fitting Services meet the highest standards we have a state of the art Fit studio

Fitted with a Seastrom SizeCycle for precise positional adjustment, including real-time pedaling power analysis, and all the other tools we need to provide a comfortable, professional service and the best outcomes for our customers.

The studio though is only the start:  From experience we understand that the training and skill of the bike fitter is most important – the technology simply a tool to assist. Our Lead Bike Fit Consultant, Paul, has been trained by the fit experts at CycleFit in London, and is an attendee at the International Cyclefit Symposium – so he can keep up-to-date with the latest thinking and techniques in the field.

In Summary – Our skilled and experienced bike fitters use leading technology, to ensure your Individual cycling bio-mechanics are fully understood, and then encompass this within the Fit process and Outcome.


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