X bionic Summerlight Arm Sleeve

X-Bionic Summerlight Arm Sleeve


In the warmer months and in Spring / Autumn you often still need some arm protection – especially in the evening or if you are in the mountains or exposed flatlands. Look no further than these Summerlight Arm Sleeves from X-Bionic

Sharing many of the  features as the full-blown cold weather version (with X-Impact Technology, Partial Kompression and ExpansionRibs) these are thinner (so you wont get over-hot in them) – and also act as a Sun shield. White for good visibility.

Keep a pair in your back pocket – don’t get caught out with cold arms (Which suck heat away from your core body organs)

Use in combination with their other garments to get the full “X-Bionic” effect. Drop in to see us  – and we can fully explain the processes at work.



Available to order - please call

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