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Cyfac XCR – Frame Only


Cyfac has been expertly crafting custom bicycle frames for more than 30 years from their home in France’s picturesque Loire Valley. Historic makers for the Pro-Peloton- Fignon, Lemond et all – when steel ruled the roost ! What they don’t know about steel probably isn’t worth knowing…….

Whether you are looking at a traditionally lugged beauty, a fine fillet brazed creation in Columbus Nivachrome, or Stainless Steel   – they can make it for you.

Not just a  traditionalist, Cyfac keep smack-bang up- to-date,  and make a range of Aluminum,  Ally/ Carbon mix, Steel/Carbon mix,  and pure Carbon frames as well.

Frames available for Racing, Sportif, Touring,  Cross. They also specialise in Tandem Frames – the only manufacturers of Carbon Custom Tandem frames.

Give us a call on 01732 500533 to find out more / book an appointment to discuss a Cyfac Custom Frame, or Build.

All Custom frame orders are designed as a result of a Bike Fitting – to ensure a correct build.

This Bike -The Cyfac XCR takes steel in a whole new direction.  Extremely resilient, comfortable, and strong, the XCR’s stainless steel geometry imparts a toughness that steel has never known before.  If you are giving steel a second look, the XCR redefines the material.  It is light and much more dynamic than the steel of yesteryear.  Outfit the XCR as a gravel bike, rain bike, or winter trainer and you’ll get all of the tire clearance, mudguard compatibility, and versatility that you need.

The XCR is available in cross, road, touring, and track versions. Frame Only…£ POA


Available to order - please call

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