We believe your correct Fit position is as important as the kit you buy to ride, and that your Fit results and riding style should inform your bike choice and set-up – not the other way around.

Fitting is for everyone, not just the enthusiast and pro-racer. If you are uncomfortable on your bike you will cycle less, aggravate any existing injuries / conditions, and possibly cause injury. All these things mean time off your bike to recover – and will likely recur when you start cycling again.

We have fitted all sorts of people, from a family of four doing the End to End, competing Cat 2 Racers and Triathletes, several one legged people, and many a person with a back or knee complaint.


What is Bike-fitting / a Cycle Fit – and what do we do?

Bike fitting, in essence, is a process where a person is assessed for body shape, flexibility and fitness, and a bike is then altered, or chosen and customised to fit. There is far more to it than this of course – and the skills of the Fitter and the tools at their disposal are crucial to a correct assessment.

At Cycle –ops we have been fitting people for many years, and back in 2011 took this further by partnering with CycleFit (of Covent Garden, London) – the acknowledged leaders in the field.  So our Bike-fitting has been upgraded to a Cycle Fit.

To ensure our Fitting Services meet the highest standards we have a state of the art studio-  fitted with a Seastrom SizeCycle for precise positional adjustment,including real-time pedaling analysis, and all the other tools we need to rpovide a comfortabl, professional service and results.

We also utilise Dartfish Motion Analysis to measure your body metrics while in motion – all recorded on Dartfish TV for analysis during the session, and for future reference. This is a critically importnt tool – allowing us to see your body moving in reals time, and slo-mo as well. This si great for assessing muscle group activation, and pelvic rotation.

The studio though is only the start;  From experience we understand that the training and skill of the bike fitter is most important, and that technology is a tool to assist – not the be-all and end-all.

Our Bike Fitters, Paul and Carl, have been trained by the acknowledged fit experts at CycleFit in London, and are regular attendees at the International Cyclefit Symposium – where they keep up-to-date with the latest thinking and techiques in the field.

In Summary – Our skilled and experienced CycleFit fitters use the technology, but will treat you as an Individual, not a number.

Let us help you get the Right Fit

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