We believe your correct fit position is as, if not more important than the kit you buy to ride, and that your Fitting position and riding style should inform your bike choice and set-up, not the other way around.

We believe that Fitting is for everyone, not just the enthusiast and pro-racer. If you are uncomfortable on your bike you will cycle less, aggravate any existing injuries / conditions, and possibly cause injury. All these things mean time off your bike to recover – and will likely recur when you start cycling again.

We have fitted all sorts of people, from a family of four doing the End to End, competing Cat 2 Racers and Triathletes, several one legged people, and many a person with a back or knee complaint.

Our Bike Fitters, Paul and Carl, are trained by the acknowledged fit experts at CycleFit in London, and are regular attendees at the International Cyclefit Symposium – where they keep up-to-date with the latest thinking and techiques in the field.
So whoever you are, rest assured we can help you.

Manufacturers of bikes work to averages – but you are not Average, and you don’t have to compromise.

Let us help you get this right – first time.

What is Bikefitting / a CycleFit – and what do we do?

Bikefitting, in essence, is a process where a person is assessed for body shape, flexibility and fitness, and a bike is then altered, or chosen and customised to fit. There is far more to it than this of course – and the skills of the Fitter and the tools at their disposal are crucial to a correct assessment.

At Cycle –ops we have been fitting people for many years, and back in 2011 took this further by partnering with CycleFit (of Covent Garden, London) – the acknowledged leaders in the field.  So our Bikefitting has been upgraded to a CycleFit.

To ensure our services meet CycleFit standards, we have a state of the art studio fitted with a Seastrom SizeCycle for precise positional adjustment – including real-time pedalling analysis. We also utilise Dartfish Motion Analysis to measure your body metrics while in motion – all recorded on Dartfish TV for analysis during the session, and for future reference.

The studio though is only the start;  From experience we understand that the training and skill of the bike fitter is most important, and that technology is a tool to assist – not the be-all and end-all.

Our skilled and experienced CycleFit fitters use the technology -but will treat you as an indivdual.